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Amazon FSx for Lustre is a high-performance file system for processing Amazon S3 or on-premises data.

Learn more at – https://amzn.to/2GglrJa​.

With Amazon FSx for Lustre, you can launch and run a Lustre file system that can process massive data sets at up to hundreds of gigabytes per second of throughput, millions of IOPS, and sub-millisecond latencies. Amazon FSx for Lustre is seamlessly integrated with S3, and helps you cost-optimize your storage for compute-intensive workloads. Lustre also provides cheap and performant non-replicated storage for processing data, with your long-term data stored durably in Amazon S3 or other low-cost data stores.

Organizations have accumulated massive amounts of data, and are continuing to accumulate data. With all that stored data, how can customers easily leverage the value of their data to accelerate machine learning, analytics or HPC. In this session we focus on showing how you can seamlessly leverage Amazon FSx for Lustre and Amazon S3, whether it’s with a compute fleet or Amazon SageMaker, to supercharge your workloads, to accelerate business outcomes.

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