AWS Chatbot Tutorial – How To Create Your Own Amazon Lex Chatbot Integrated with Slack

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A complete tutorial on how to create your own smart chat bot using Amazon Lex. Learn to create custom intents and use slots for personalized conversation.

In this video we have discussed:
1. What is AWS chatbot and its supported operations.
2. How to send S3 upload Notification to Slack channel.
3. Demo in the video includes following steps:
a. How to create new slack workspace.
b. How to create chatbot configuration in AWS chatbot
c. create a SNS topic and configure it in chatbot channel.
d. Create a cloudWatch event/rule for Object level operation on a s3 bucket and enable cloud trail on the bucket.
e. Create a cloudWatch Alarm on the event and configure SNS topic as the target.
f. Upload a file in a s3 bucket and check the alarm in slack channel.

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