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We will discuss about AWS Cloud Formation and learn it by using various templates.

This video will cover the following topics:
1. What is AWS Cloudformation
2. What is Infrastructure as Code
3. AWS Cloudformation template
4. Hands-on: Create an EC2 instance with a volume

Incorporating infrastructure as code into software development practices can help teams and organizations improve automation and throughput without sacrificing quality and uptime. In this session, we cover infrastructure as code on AWS with AWS CloudFormation and the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK). We discuss best practices for writing, testing, and maintaining template code, giving you the opportunity to learn about IDE plugins, reusability, testing tools, modularizing stacks, and more. Finally, we review sample code that showcases some of the best practices for more context and clarity.

As one of the most widely used tools in the AWS Cloud, AWS CloudFormation enables infrastructure as code and empowers deployment automation, compliance, and standardization. In this session, we cover the latest improvements and best practices for AWS CloudFormation, including authoring tools, operational safety, and open community projects.

AWS CloudFormation enables software and DevOps engineers to harness the power of infrastructure as code. As organizations automate the modeling and provisioning of applications and workloads with AWS CloudFormation repeatable processes and reliable deployments become more critical. This session guides you through various techniques to improve your infrastructure automation including protecting your AWS resources and stacks with safety guardrails while monitoring infrastructure changes. In addition, we will cover efficient ways to provide resources across accounts and regions as show you how to test and improve the reliability of your deployments.

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