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Your contact center is the biggest touchpoint between you and your customers, and every engagement can provide your team with powerful insights. In this session, we show how to leverage the new capabilities in Amazon Connect such as Contact Lens to transcribe calls, do sentiment analysis, and surface valuable customer insights from every conversation powered with machine learning. Learn how to discover emerging themes and trends from customer conversations in real-time and allow you to respond faster and serve your customers better. We showcase how you can integrate other AWS ML services such as Amazon Personalize with Amazon Connect and help with predicting intent by leveraging the data you have, thereby creating intelligent and personalized experiences for your customers.

Machine learning technologies are helping to transform the modern contact center from a cost center into a profit center. Organizations are deploying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services to do things like create intelligent chatbots, intelligent voicebots, smart routing, real-time voice analytics with sentiment analysis, agent assist with next best action, and post-call analytics.

By enhancing the overall customer experience through your contact center, you can boost repurchase odds and improve long-term loyalty. AWS offers solutions for customers who want an end-to-end contact center solution, or those who want to build intelligence into their existing contact center.

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