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This tutorial shows How to Detect & Investigate AWS Cyber Security Threats in IT World.

A strong defensive perimeter is critical in preventing your organization from common threats. But what happens when something slips through the perimeter defenses? Especially the advanced threat actors will eventually circumvent even the best defenses. When a breach occurs, a quick detection will make all the difference for the whole remediation process.

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, targeting people, networks and devices. Attackers are finding new ways into organisations by-passing the perimeter security walls and stealing valuable information or disrupting business. Organisations need to be agile, adopt new technologies, operate with customers and suppliers across the world and be confident that they are secure.

The cyber threat landscape is rapidly growing and evolving. Attacks are more sophisticated and come from highly motivated, well funded adversaries who are focused on acquiring valuable corporate data — such as intellectual property, sensitive customer details and insider information.

Traditional security controls no longer protect against today’s targeted attackers and the broader problem of advanced malware. Increasingly sophisticated targeted attacks continue to plague organizations.

Combating today’s targeted threats and persistent adversaries necessitates a new security model — one that must work in
real time and be proactive, seeking out possible enterprise weaknesses before exploitation. Organizations must have the
capability to respond immediately with thorough, dynamic analysis, investigation and remediation.

Proactive detection stops persistent threats services. And our security expertsproperly maintain, configure and update your threat detection appliances with the latest threat information and system patches.

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