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This Tutorial ‘AWS CodeCommit’ will give you an introduction of version control system like pushing, pulling, merging and committing code using AWS DevOps Service – CodeCommit . Following is the list of content covered in this session:

0:54​ Why AWS DevOps?
3:15​ What is CI/CD?
4:49​ What is AWS CodeCommit?
8:10​ Demo: AWS CodeCommit Walk-Through

Learn More: https://aws.amazon.com/codecommit/

AWS CodeCommit is a fully-managed source control service that makes it easy for companies to host secure and highly scalable private Git repositories. CodeCommit eliminates the need to operate your own source control system or worry about scaling its infrastructure. You can use CodeCommit to securely store anything from source code to binaries, and it works seamlessly with your existing Git tools.

Why should you watch this AWS DevOps tutorial?

You can learn AWS DevOps much faster than any other cloud services and this tutorial helps you do just that. AWS is a platform which helps businesses scale and grow by offering secure cloud services like compute power, content delivery, database storage, and other functionality. We are offering the top AWS DevOps tutorial and that can be watched by anybody to gain knowledge in AWS.

Why AWS is important?

There are various upcoming companies who have leveraged AWS cloud solutions for their growth. AWS was the first company which started to provide cloud solutions on a large scale. It has consistently grown and developed itself to be at the top today. It is ranked as the foremost cloud provider by Gartner in terms of completeness of vision and ability to execute. The Intellipaat AWS services demo tutorial is easy to understand, has real world AWS examples and thus makes you understand why AWS is so important and why you should go for an AWS career.

Why DevOps is important?

DevOps implementation is going through the roof with most of the largest software organizations around the world invested heavily in its implementation. The core values of devops is effectively based on the Agile Manifesto but with one slight change which moves the focus from creating a working software to one that is more interested in the end-to-end software service mechanism and delivery.

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