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In this video we will start working with docker containers using some basic commands. We will understand the different docker commands exist in docker for windows and how easily we can get into command using docker –help.

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We learn with DETAILED demo:
– Understand #AWS​ #ECS​ (Elastic Container Service) in simplest terms.
– What is ECS?
– Pull Docker Hub Image
– What is the difference between EC2 Hosted & #Fargate​ hosting?
– What is ECS Agent?
– How does container model actually work on an EC2 instance?
– ECS Cluster creation
– Putting ECS in your VPC
– Bridge Mode Networking
– Task & Container Definition

ECS is container management micro service provided by AWS. It is highly scalable and fast way to manage / start / stops Docker containers within AWS cloud.

It allows easily to manage applications running under docker containers and deployed on ECS cluster of EC2 instances.

When you deployed docker container in ECS that means you placed them on cluster which is logical grouping of EC2 instances.

ECS allows us to access some core important features like security group, EBS volume and Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) same like EC2 Instance.

ECS is an abstraction of EC2 service so instead of using EC2 virtual machines we can use most compact portable docker containers.

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