AWS Server Migration Service – Migrate Microsoft Applications

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This amazon web services Migrate Microsoft Applications tutorial using AWS Server Migration Service shows how powerful functions as a service are and how easy it is to get up and running with them.

Learning Objectives:
# Learn AWS Server Migration Service with a demo.
# Learn about AWS Server Migration Service service.
# AWS Server Migration Service Deep Dive.
# Learn how AWS can help you to improve performance, increase availability, and improve the security posture for your Microsoft workloads
# Learn best practices to ensure maximum performance and availability for your Microsoft workloads while migrating to the AWS Cloud
# Learn about Microsoft on AWS Licensing Options
# Checking AWS Server Migration Service logs.
# Understanding AWS Server Migration Service pricing.

In this tutorial on AWS, Microsoft applications run well on AWS. In this session, we explore options for migrating your on-premises Microsoft applications to AWS. We cover services like AWS SMS, which provides an easy lift and shift migration of Windows servers. We also demonstrate how to containerize your .NET applications and bring them into AWS with the help of Amazon ECS and Amazon ECR.

When you plan your data center migration to the cloud, it’s critical to consider how workloads will run to ensure maximum performance and availability. With Microsoft applications making up 60% or more of most on-premises data centers, more and more customers are moving their Microsoft workloads to AWS to improve performance, increase availability, and improve their security posture. In this session, we discuss how customers are accomplishing this task. We cover the common architectural patterns for moving Microsoft applications such as SQL Server, SharePoint, and Dynamics, and we discuss how to integrate with Active Directory for a seamless transition. We also examine tools like AWS Application Discovery and AWS Server Migration Service that can help make your move faster and easier.

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