AWS Storage Gateway – Setup On Premise File Share Solution

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This AWS Storage Gateway tutorial will show you how to extend your on-premises storage to AWS Cloud by utilizing low cost AWS Storage Gateway.

As AWS objects storage service, S3 can serve many purposes when designing highly available, fault tolerant, and secure application architecture. These include:

· Bulk (unlimited) static object storage
· Various storage classes to optimize cost vs. needed object availability/durability
· Object versioning
· Access restrictions via S3 bucket policies/permission.
· Object management via lifecycle policies
· Hosting static files and websites
· Origin foe CloudFront CDN
· File share and backup/archiving for hybrid networks (via AWS storage Gateway)

AWS Storage Gateway connects an on-premises software appliance with cloud-based storage to provide seamless integration with data security features between your on-premises IT environment and the AWS storage infrastructure. You can use the service to store data in the AWS Cloud for scalable and cost-effective storage that helps maintain data security.

The storage gateway itself is a software appliance that can be installed within your own data centre, which allows integration between your on-premise storage and that of AWS. This connectivity can allow you to scale your storage requirements both securely and cost-efficiently. The software appliance can be downloaded from AWS as a virtual machine, which can then be installed on your VMware or Microsoft hypervisors.

AWS Storage Gateway is hybrid cloud storage service. It allows on-premises applications to seamlessly use AWS storage services via a local appliance, which connects to local clients or hosts via standard storage protocols. The File Gateway shown in this video provides local NFS access and caching for data stored in Amazon S3, and in-cloud data access via the Amazon S3 API. A common use case for such an architecture is content storage and distribution, allowing multiple offices to access the same large media files, stored durably and affordably in the cloud.

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