AWS Storage Tutorial – EBS vs S3 vs EFS Comparison

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For beginners, its sometimes overwhelming to know about so many AWS services including multiple storage services. In this video, you will learn about different storage services in AWS namely EBS, S3 and EFS. Understand the use cases, characteristics, architecture and how to choose between different storage options.

AWS Storage options –

– Difference between Object and Block storage
– Use-cases and differences between S3, EBS & EFS
– When to use and when not to?

AWS storage services are essential for any cloud architect or anyone looking for aws solutions architect professional exam topics, aws solutions architect professional exam tips or an amazon s3 tutorial for cloud architects 2021.

This video is the first of a series AWS storage options including: ebs vs efs, aws efs vs ebs, aws efs and an s3 vs ebs vs efs comparison.

This video clarifies amazon simple storage service, aws efs, and aws ebs for the engineer or architect.

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