AWS WAF Tutorial – How to Create Citrix WAF on AWS

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Watch this video to learn what is AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) and what it does. You will learn about the 3 AWS services – AWS Web Application Firewall Service (Citrix WAF), AWS Firewall Manager and AWS Shield – that are designed to protect your web app from external attacks.

By learning how all three services can be used together for enhanced protection of web applications your organization will benefit from all the advantages that these services offer.

This course learning objectives are:
• What is Citrix WAF?
• Gain a core foundation of what #AWSWAF is and what it does
• Knowledge of how to configure and implement a WAF solution
• Analyze how AWS WAF works closely with AWS CloudFront
• An understanding of how AWS Firewall Manager can be used to help you control AWS WAF across multiple accounts
• How AWS Shield is protecting Distributed Denial of Service attacks
• An awareness of different types of DDoS attacks
• An awareness of the step involved in configuring AWS Shield Advanced

This course is intended for security architects, technical engineers, website administrators, and anyone requiring a deeper understanding of WAF, Shield, and Firewall Manager.

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