Amazon CodeGuru

Amazon CodeGuru is a developer tool that provides intelligent recommendations to improve your code quality and identify an application’s most expensive lines of code. Integrate CodeGuru into your existing software development workflow to automate code reviews during application development, continuously monitor application performance in production, provide recommendations and visual clues for improving code quality and application performance, and reduce overall cost.
CodeGuru Reviewer uses machine learning to identify critical issues, security vulnerabilities, and hard-to-find bugs during application development to improve code quality.

CodeGuru Profiler pinpoints an application’s most expensive lines of code by helping developers understand the runtime behavior of their applications, identify and remove code inefficiencies, improve performance, and significantly decrease compute costs.

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Organizations have millions of physical documents and forms that hold critical business data. These documents, such as insurance claims or loan applications, have structured and unstructured data that are either extracted by humans or by rule-based systems which are not…

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A better understanding of your code base helps reduce overall costs, improves non-functional behaviors like application response times and performance, and allows you to tackle issues faster and more accurately. Similarly, from the operational front, it can be difficult to…