Create VPC in Google Cloud Platform using AWS Terraform

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This amazon web services VPC tutorial will help you create VPC in Google Cloud using Terraform.

Build your entire infrastructure across Google Cloud with one command.

Servers, network, storage, DNS, CDNs, load balancers, and much more all have APIs. Terraform is the product to codify all these resources in a single language. A single command then provisions the resources and connects them. Changes to infrastructure happen in the code and are reapplied with a single command.

Seth and Dana will discuss how Terraform addresses several core use cases as organizations look to accelerate their adoption of cloud:
– Infrastructure as code
– Cloud platform management
– Self-service infrastructure

Join us to learn:
– How Terraform can manage infrastructure in Google Cloud
– How infrastructure operators can create isolated environments for teams to easily provision the infrastructure best suited for their applications
– How developers can reuse Terraform code to consistently build infrastructure for their applications.

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