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This amazon web services GraphQL tutorial shows how to Deploy GraphQL API & AWS AppSync Using Serverless Framework.

Learning Objectives:
# Understand the importance of real-time and off-line update capabilities for mobile applications and sample use cases.
# Learn about GraphQL for providing a data abstraction layer to developers from underlying sources.
# See how to use simple statements in application to introspect available data, make queries, and submit updates without detailed knowledge of the data stores.

Building sophisticated data applications with realtime and offline capabilities can be very challenging for developers. AWS AppSync is a new service that makes it easy for developers to quickly prototype and build data intensive applications with both realtime update and offline functionality capabilities by leveraging the power of GraphQL.

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are the future of web development—combining the best of web and native apps. In this session, learn how to build PWAs on AWS and take your apps to the next level with AWS AppSync. We also cover how AWS AppSync enables you to query your data using GraphQL, and how it handles mutations, subscriptions, offline accesses, real-time communications, conflict resolution, and efficient data fetching.

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