ETL Tutorial | What is ETL Process? (Extract Transform Load)

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This ETL tutorial will explain what is ETL process and what it mean in a technical way. ETL is a very important concept that every IT professional should understand if they deal with data projects.
ETL tools combine three important functions (extract, transform, load) required to get data from one data environment and put it into another data environment.

Topics covered in this video:
Extraction​ Process and its Strategies
Transformation and various tasks performed
Loading Process and its Strategies
ETL tools and its features.

ETL Tools: Talend Open Studio, Jaspersoft ETL, Ab initio, Informatica, Datastage, Clover ETL, Pentaho ETL, Kettle

ETL Tools Features:
Source and Target Data System Connectivity
Scalability and Performance
Easy Transformation connectors
Data Profiling
Data Cleaning and Quality
Easy integration with Web services
Logging and Exception Handling
Robust Administration features
Efficient Batch and Real time processing

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