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How to Configure AWS Single Sign On with SAML Application?

This tutorial will help us to understand the concept, benefits and usage of AWS Single Sign-On with detail demo on how to configure AWS Single Sign-On using AWS SSO. This video will cover the following topics: – How to configure…

What is a Tensor in Deep Learning?

The term “tensor” is often misunderstood. Let’s figure out what they are through vector examples like velocity, angular momentum, the stress tensor, and the electromagnetic tensor. A tensor is a generalization of vectors and matrices and is easily understood as…

Azure DevOps Pipeline Tutorial – What is Azure DevOps?

This Azure DevOps Pipeline Tutorial will give you a brief introduction on how you can implement DevOps practices on Microsoft Azure. Following topics are covered in this live session: 1. What is Azure DevOps? 2. What is DevOps? 3. DevOps…

AWS Athena Tutorial – How to Use Amazon Athena in AWS?

This AWS Athena Data Lake Tutorial shows how you can reduce your query processing time and cost by partitioning your data in S3 and using AWS Athena to leverage the partition feature. # Learn AWS Athena with a demo. #…

MLOps Tutorial – Building a CI/ CD Machine Learning Pipeline

Within machine learning, the hardest aspect often becomes deploying to production, until the time comes to address the issue. Applied at scale, this issue can hinder deployment, and at the worst, kill the project entirely. In this video, we will…

Monitoring Kubernetes on AWS with Grafana and Prometheus

This workshop is intended to be a thorough tutorial on how to build an application in EKS from start to finish, and explain the various resources Kubernetes has to offer. Topics covered in this video: 1. AWS Managed: – AWS…

AWS Data Lake Formation – How to Build a Data Lake on AWS?

A data lake is an architectural approach that allows you to store massive amounts of data into a central location, so it’s readily available to be categorized, processed, analyzed and consumed by diverse groups within an organization. In this video,…

AWS Cognito Hosted UI Authentication with OpenID Connect

This video is a walk through tutorial on how to create a user AWS Cognito user pool and connect using a mobile client iOS Using a hosted UI. Source code: https://github.com/muhaye/iOSCognitoClient OpenID Connect 1.0 is a simple identity layer on…

LocalStack | Mock Free AWS Services Locally | S3 & DynamoDB

This Localstack tutorial will show you what localstack is, how to install it, configure AWS CLI and a couple of examples with a local s3 bucket and creating a local dynamodb table. Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 02:32 Installation 04:10 Docker Image…

AWS Transit Gateway Tutorial – TGW Attachment and Peering

#transitgateway This AWS Transit Gateway Tutorial consists of two parts; first concept and then demo. We will explain why companies should use Transit Gateway and then we have shown a step by step demo of how to implement Transit Gateway,…

AWS CloudFormation Tutorial | Infrastructure as Code

We will discuss about AWS Cloud Formation and learn it by using various templates. This video will cover the following topics: 1. What is AWS Cloudformation 2. What is Infrastructure as Code 3. AWS Cloudformation template 4. Hands-on: Create an…

AWS Storage Gateway – Setup On Premise File Share Solution

This AWS Storage Gateway tutorial will show you how to extend your on-premises storage to AWS Cloud by utilizing low cost AWS Storage Gateway. As AWS objects storage service, S3 can serve many purposes when designing highly available, fault tolerant,…