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This amazon web services Micro Services tutorial shows you how to Containerized Micro Services on AWS Cloud.

# Learn AWS Microservices with a demo.
# Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS).
# Specifying VPC & IAM role for Lambda.
# Amazon ECS Deep Dive.
# Checking ECS logs.
# Understanding AWS ECS pricing.

Microservices and Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) can be used to simplify the deployment and management of microservices. We will dive deep into some of the challenges of running microservices, such as load balancing, service discovery, and secrets management, and we’ll see how Amazon ECS can help address them. We will also demo how you can easily deploy complex microservices applications using Amazon ECS.

Containers are an increasingly important way for developers to package and deploy their applications and AWS offers multiple container products to help you deploy, manage, and scale containers in production. In this session we we cover the state of containerized application development and deployment trends, new container capabilities on AWS that are available now, options for running containerized applications on AWS, and how AWS customers successfully run container workloads in production.

When you build microservices on AWS, you have a wide-range of options for compute, monitoring, logging, and deployment. In this session, we walk through what it takes to build, deploy, and manage a microservices-based application using different compute options. We cover application packaging, tooling, service discovery, monitoring, logging, and CI/CD.

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