Jenkins CICD – How to Learn Jenkins Basics in 30 Mins

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Jenkins CICD – How to Learn Jenkins Basics in 30 Mins

In this Video I am going to demonstrate How to install Jenkins on Windows 10. We will be Installing Jenkins on Windows as Service
using Jenkins installer. Jenkins is an open source automation server written in Java. Software requirements for installing Jenkins is we need to have Java 8 – either a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or a Java Development Kit (JDK) is fine.
Jenkins detects changes in Subversion/GIT…, performs tasks, repeatedly such as Build, Test, Deploy, Package, Integrate..
Jenkins is A fork of the original Hudson project an is Under development since 2005. Find more on .

Jenkins plugins extensibility makes Jenkins to adapt to many systems. Jenkins provides everything for a robust continuous integration system which helps a lot for team that practice Agile
Jenkins continuously providing access to the working copies of software which supports the Agile principle.

– java application
– used for continuous integration and continuous delivery

Step 1 : Download Jenkins war file –

Step 2 : Place the war file into any location on your system

Step 3 : goto command prompt (windows) | terminal (mac)
– goto folder where jenkins.war is
– java -jar jenkins.war

Step 4 : goto browser – http://localhost:8080 (Jenkins window should show up)

Step 5 : install required plugins

Step 6 : get started with Jenkins


To see hidden files/folders on mac:
1. Exit Finder
2. On terminal – defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
3. Press option/alt – right click finder – relaunch

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