Jenkins Tutorial – Jenkins Download & Installation on Microsoft Windows 10

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This video helps to install and configure Jenkins on Microsoft Windows 10.

What is Jenkins?

Jenkins is one of the famous and most used CI/CD Tool in the IT Market today. It can be Integrated with many other tools like git hub , git lab , bit bucket and many more.. It can also be used for testing and as well as for performing automation.

1. How to download and install Jenkins on Microsoft Windows 10
2. How to access Jenkins from browser
3. How to start and stop Jenkins
4. How to start Jenkins on different port
5. How to uninstall Jenkins

Step 1 : Download Jenkins war file –

Step 2 : Place the war file into any location on your system

Step 3 : goto command prompt (windows) | terminal (mac)
– goto folder where jenkins.war is
– java -jar jenkins.war

Step 4 : goto browser – http://localhost:8080 (Jenkins window should show up)

Step 5 : install required plugins

Step 6 : get started with Jenkins


To see hidden files/folders on mac:
1. Exit Finder
2. On terminal – defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
3. Press option/alt – right click finder – relaunch

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