Vagrant tutorial for beginners – How to Install Virtual Machines

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Vagrant is a open source tool for working with virtual environments. Vagrant acts as a wrapper and sits on top of the virtualization solution (VMware, Hyper-V ,VirtualBox or libvirt) and provides a simple command line interface to manage the VM’s with the custom configuration.

Why to use Vagrant
– No need to learn different CLI command of Virtualization providers , vagrant takes cares to manage the underlying VM’s with its easy CLI interface.
– Well defined environments as configuration used to create the environments is in simple text files. User can recreate as many Vagrant Instances (VMs) using same Vagrant file .
– Vagrant is capable of executing configuration management software like Puppet/Ansible/Chef once the base system is ready (using box). This help o setup the environment (System + Application) on the target machines in automated way.
– Developer can create/destroy multiple development environments in minutes.
– As vagrant is wrapper only , you can choose the guest OS images supported by the virtualization platform you choice. Example on CentOS 7 , you may run CentOS 6 VM.

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