What is AWS EBS Volume and How to Restore it from AWS Snapshot – Amazon Web Services Tutorial 2021

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This amazon web services EBS tutorial will help you restore your first Amazon EBS volume from a AWS Snapshot.

# What is ebs?
# Learn AWS EBS with a demo.
# Different attributes of EBS Volume.
# Restore EBS Volume from a Snapshot.
# Learn how to automate snapshot management.
# What are different typed of EBS volumes?
# How to resize and change EBS volume type.
# Taking EBS Snapshot.
# Attaching and detaching EBS Volume on Windows & Linux.
# Learn how to use snapshots effectively to backup EC2 Instances.
# Learn how to tag snapshots and leverage tagging for tracking costs.

In this AWS Cloud Computing tutorial we will explain you how EBS makes it easy it as a simple point in time backup for your Amazon EC2 Instances. In this tech talk, you will learn about how to use Amazon EBS snapshots to back up your Amazon EC2 environment. We will review the basics of how snapshots work as well as how to tag snapshots, track costs, and automate snapshots leveraging AWS Lambda. We will describe best practices and share tips for success throughout.

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