What is AWS Managed Service Provider? How to Build a Successful MSP?

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This AWS MSP tutorial shows how powerful functions as a service are and how easy it is to get up and running with them.

# What is AWS MSP?
# Learn AWS Managed Service Provider with a demo.
# How to Build a Successful Managed Service Provider?
# Checking AWS MSP logs.
# Understanding AWS MSP pricing.

This video answers, What is an MSP? Managed service providers have capabilities to administer a company’s infrastructure so they don’t have to. On a smaller scale, one can think of an MSP as a system administrator—for a hybrid cloud space, for instance—and on a more comprehensive level, an MSP can go beyond serving as remote support and act as a strategic consultant.

The AWS Managed Service Program provides qualified APN Partners with technical and business benefits to deliver AWS Cloud services as business solutions to AWS Customers.

Globally, partners are investing in building Managed Service Provider (MSP) practices. With a $22B market, adding an MSP capability to your business should be compelling. In this session, we outline the key items to consider when establishing an MSP practice, and we cover the fundamental processes and steps required to successfully launch an AWS MSP solution.

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